the hands on the clock continue
no batteries will run out
no reason to stop
not for you
not for me
as we get older as we age with our pasts hiding
but the truth
in my heart
in my soul
as yet another morning comes
as yet another night dies
as yet I still think of you



stumbling through the lives of others
who have called me friend
this haze
out of those last few bottles
I examine my weakness for you
which I could never explain
which I could never doubt
dark highways know more about me
than I ever did
stars are my diamonds
and I hold each and everyone
to give to you
one day
when the explanations are gone
and there is no more breath in my lungs
I can only dream of those eyes
welcoming me home


another night
endless alcohol
and thoughts
drowned by the stillness of my breath
a shower of peace
until they blow away
under the twin beams in the sky
new york my saviour
this night as always
I ask her forgiveness and she smiles
smiles, I imagine
there’s nothing at all
never any angry words again
I need the grace to love you again
while I sit still,
with nothing
at all



Your ghost is my wonderful dream
I look for signs of you in them
the women I’ve loved

but they are never like you
they can never be you
your soft skin
which I can still smell
intoxicating as always

Your ghost haunts me
in dreams, in broad daylight trips
Daisies have a way of glowing
under the moonlight

years from now
I will remember
that amazing girl
with the power to break hearts
with her smile alone


would you listen
if I told you I love you
after all this time
would you listen
if I said I had changed
would you just walk away
would you listen
to my heart beat
would you care
no matter
just one kiss
would be enough
just one kiss
would you dare
as time kills us
would you listen
as I said your name
we could be ninety
it wouldn’t matter
would you


The city was never the same without you
not central park
not the empire state
tonight I was reminded
as the moon shone
what’s wrong with holding on
the food bland, the company irrelevant
the night was the best part
although I still wanted you there
I always do
next to me
below the fire in the sky
like that night long ago
when your heart was mine



I’ve been wishing impossible things
for years now
at every turn, at every corner
impossible things can never get done
it can never happen
I’m still wishing impossible things
the times I’ve wanted to cry
still I was wishing
impossible, I know
there’s always hope
as I kept wishing, there always was
and now
it doesn’t seem
so impossible


living, loving
I can’t even spell it right
after the years have passed us by
when the morning light hurts our eyes
would it be the same
this love
as it always has
it isn’t easy
no one said it would be
insane with this sickness
this wonderful sickness
I can never rid myself
older now
wiser now
I can never rid myself
this love
a spanish breeze remembered
tears me apart