Old poems revisited

it comes back, it always does
spider webs caught in corners
of my mind

without as much as a thought
from you
I miss your life
I miss your soul

always wanting to breathe you in
always wanting a taste

at times like these I could just pick up the phone
and complicate things
this delicate balance
has always been complicated

the spider sits and waits
eating souls
creating webs in my mind
while you devour my heart

|| Francisco Caba 6:56 PM

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Pictures of you
with my beacon
shining behind you

during happier times
before the fights
before the heartache

New York city watched
as you laughed
as I laughed
as we cried

there is still hope
there are still pictures
there is still love

pictures of you

|| Francisco Caba 8:26 PM
just text
across my screen
your words have become
knowing you are there
I yearn to hear your voice

Filled with sadness
brimming once again
boiling over


perhaps you can
save me from myself
and nights like these
when hate is too weak
a word

across my heart

|| Francisco Caba 1:51 AM

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I have to say
being without you
is better than never knowing you


never seeing that smile
never kissing those lips
never loving that voice
never dreaming of those eyes


never a broken heart
never tears flowing freely
never wretched pain
never hopeless nights

being without you
is better than never knowing you
because loving you
was best

|| Francisco Caba 7:34 PM

Thursday, January 22, 2004

out of the blue, always as close as brooklyn
a pleasant surprise
warms these nights

|| Francisco Caba 9:24 PM