If I made a mistake
and will never see that amazing

the problem was my obsession
with that smile
and all that came with it

too fast too soon
as they say
without regard for the fall

that’s always been my downfall
I jump
without looking

for once I looked
but I still wonder

Do you think of me
as much as I think of you
not a fair question
I know

We all have our distractions
Am I yours?
Are you mine?

A quick adventure
until you have to go home
and deal

back to reality

That smile is almost
worth it


those few moments
when I get a glimpse
of that smile
hear that accent
anticipate them whenever
I know you’re near

the heart skips a beat
blood rushes
I play it cool
I think
perhaps not even close
anticipation has me
fucked up


A sunrise is all it is
nothing special, they’ll be one tomorrow
although I can help but
think if you’re seeing it too

as it warms your face
I wonder about that smile
are you thinking of me
as I am of you

watching that sunrise
the red, blues and yellows
you know, nothing special
they’ll be another tomorrow

Until there are no more


awoke this morning
with your smile
burned into my brain
as the fog lifts
missing you

wishing I could
wake up next to you
with your head on my

a dream for now
a thought
one that will help
as I count the hours

until we are awake