a forgotten birthday
across waters on a cool summer night

as the music played
i thought of us
another milestone

years and years
and years
I’m left drained…. lost

there have been lights along the path
uncertainty a constant companion
I move forward

sometimes it hurts
like a forgotten birthday


they all leave

they all leave
some disappear slowly
others in spectacular shows of bombastic indifference

the only constant is me
i’ll be here
as I always am

while they all leave
until the day I die

waste away




long after they’ve gone

your worlds

I want to walk into your painting
into worlds
of your creation

blue waters
I can almost feel the wind
on my face

by my side
only you
behind me
only fear



the longest and shortest month

Just a month of many
I’ve reached the point where I count down
not up

Never had time fly
so excruciatingly slowly
and too quickly at
the same time

as this longest
and shortest month
has passed

happiness I haven’t known
for many years


with a name
new to me

with brushstrokes
she’s painted
her name
on my heart


serve another please
it’s too early to be drinking

we walked

we danced briefly

serve another please
it’s too early to be drinking

let it go
let it go

who knows
I walk through this tunnel
my past haunting today

my future unsure
it’s probably the alcohol



serve another please