A Morning like this

On a morning like this
when the sun peeks over the horizon
with warmth and grace
I awake alone

waiting for our paths to cross
on a morning like this
when the air smells of hope

My heart is incomplete



Who has come into my life when i wasn’t looking
Who has broken my walls before i put them up


Who has known me before I’ve known her
Who smiles an infectious smile


Who I want to know like the grooves in my hand
Who I want to love like I’ve never loved

Who is


Her smile lights up rooms
tenderness hidden behind layers of protection
she was mine
I was careless with our love
as a child who’d never learned
that smile was feet from me
I like to think I was the reason for it
Separate paths once again
we walk
that smile
I’ll never forget
How butterflies were common
because of her

Nights like these

It’s nights like these
that make me hopeful
it’s nights like these
that help me forget
it’s nights like these
where kisses mean so much
it’s nights like these
I need your touch
it’s nights like these
where hope grows
where once was apathy
it’s nights like these
it’s nights
like these


I’ve come a long way
stumbled for many years
yet you were out there
yet I was here

the mornings when you’re next to me
leave me in awe
of that amazing smile
those eyes I can’t resist staring

I don’t want to be without you
like I was before
like I was when I stumbled
yet you are out there

yet I am here


Blame me
as I blame myself
years and years pass
waiting for time to pass

everyday is closer
every day is another lost

blame me
I do

when it’s passed
when it’s gone
when it no longer hurts

I’ll only have
myself to blame